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“HYLETE was created on the core belief that innovation and quality does not have to come with a high price tag; and that empowering and helping our community to live a healthy life will define our success. Every detail of every design of what we create has purpose. Whether it’s fine-tuned for your most intense training session, or optimized for comfort outside the gym, our dedication to innovation and quality is clear. By selling direct to our community, the promise of premium product at unique ‘HYLETE pricing,’ becomes a reality.

HYLETE’s future is comprised of three important promises to our community – a community that we call the HYLETE nation:

1. Our number one promise is to continually innovate and expand our premium performance product offering..

2. Support those in the HYLETE nation that work every day to contribute to the health and well-being of others. Our growing team of certified personal trainers that encourage and support their clients to succeed in living a healthy life. Those first responders, and the men and women of our military who utilize their personal fitness to ensure our safety. And finally empowering our partner charities to amplify the message of their cause with the collective voice of the HYLETE nation.

3. Continuously push the way we think; and ultimately, together change the landscape of fitness.

Become part of a next-generation brand. A brand built, backed, and driven by its community.”

Ron L. Wilson, II (CEO and Co-founder)

Community Built by the #HYLETEnation

HYLETE is fueled by the support, input, and feedback of a passionate community referred to as the “HYLETE nation.” With over 320,000+ followers on various social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter), 11k+ certified professional trainers, and 9k+ military and first responders, the HYLETE nation continues to actively participate in the growth of HYLETE’s online presence.

Our community is comprised of men and women who are motivated to lead their best lives, and encourage and inspire those around them to do the same. To date, over 4,200 of our community members now own part of the brand they help build by becoming investors in HYLETE.

Community Backed


We design it. You back it. We build it. The HYLETE nation’s feedback and input inspires future product ideas. HYLETE project allows our community to help guide future product decisions. Our product team pushes the limits to design the world’s best performance apparel, footwear, and gear. The HYLETE community then ‘backs’ the new product concept, helping fund the project. Once a project is fully funded, we build it and ship it directly to our backers. This initiative has helped us to give our community members the products they want, and help make them a reality. To date, 30 projects have been successfully backed by the HYLETE nation.

Community Driven

HYLETE charity support program

The HYLETE charity support program champions charities that share the same core beliefs of the HYLETE nation. Handpicked for their clear vision and genuine compassion, participating charities receive fifty percent (50%) of revenue from their charity apparel sales on In 2018, HYLETE raised over $50,000 for participating charities. The charities currently in our support program include:

31Heroes Project: Their mission is to raise money and awareness through social and athletic events to support the families of Extortion 17 and honor their legacy by funding the treatment of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

O.U.R. Rescue: Gathering the world’s experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery around the world.

Scratch My Belly Dog Rescue: An all-breed animal rescue saving dogs from high-kill shelters in Southern California and the streets of Mexico.

Team Rubicon: Unites the skills of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy response teams to emergencies around the world.

HYLETE service league and

HYLETE train team

First responders, and men and women of our military who utilize their personal fitness to ensure our safety, are incredibly important to us. The HYLETE service league was created to show our appreciation for these indispensable members of our community. Current and former military personnel, first responders, and government employees can join the HYLETE service league to receive 40% off retail value on all orders on, as well as other perks, as a small token of our appreciation.

HYLETE supports those in the HYLETE nation that work every day to contribute to the health and well-being of others. The HYLETE train team appreciates and supports our growing team of certified personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners that support and encourage their clients to succeed in living a healthy life receive exclusive pricing and offers on

GRACEDBYGRIT Assets Acquisition

Effective June 1st, 2018, we completed a purchase of certain of the assets of GRACEDBYGRIT, Inc. HYLETE agreed to purchase certain assets of GRACEDBYGRIT‘s assets, including intellectual property, inventory and raw goods, product designs, customer lists, and furniture and fixtures. We have relaunched the most popular styles that were previously sold by GRACEDBYGRIT under the HYLETE name.

One of the most powerful drivers that made this deal so appealing to HYLETE was the GRACEDBYGRIT non-profit: GRITTYGIRLS. The message of the foundation was the golden thread that tied together the true spirit of what HYLETE and GRACEDBYGRIT want the female product line to embody. The GRACEDBYGRIT name will live on through GRITTYGIRLS, now renamed the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation. The foundation ignites and inspires girls and young women to discover and develop their grit. The foundation teaches girls that failure can be an opportunity to build self-confidence, mistakes are vital for personal growth, and that imperfections are often their greatest strengths.

Product Success

Circuit Cross-Training Shoe

Our digitally native, direct to consumer strategy, allows us to test a product’s potential success before it is built, and explore product categories that other companies our size, or much larger, can not.

When creating a shoe and selling it in retail stores, most brands would have to create upwards of six to eight different styles of shoes in hopes of one or two pairs making it to shelves. The cost of creating those shoes is incredibly high, and then you have to hope that the salesperson can learn about, market, and sell the shoes you have worked diligently to create.

What makes HYLETE unique is that we were able to create just one style of shoe. We are able to tell our story about why we created our footwear, about the innovation, and what sets our footwear apart from the competition. Not only were we able to introduce and produce an incredibly high quality cross-training shoe, but also create a set of 3 interchangeable insoles system that allows one shoe to be a weightlifting shoe, cross-training shoe and a run-training shoe. Traditional shoe manufacturers would have to sell footwear like ours at prices around $180 per pair. However, with our HYLETE pricing, we are able to deliver our footwear to community members at $120 per pair. The circuit cross-training shoe is our most successful HYLETE project to date, with over 3,000 backers funding the project and making it a reality.

Lift, train, and run in one shoe. The circuit cross-training shoe includes 3 interchangeable insoles tuned to optimize stability/energy transfer while lifting, all around versatility while training, or high impact absorption while running; allowing you to change your training discipline without changing your shoe. High abrasion resistance is created by combining ultra durable heat welded TPU, eliminating the need for stitching, with ventilated ripstop nylon, protecting against tears and rips. Lightweight Vibram outsoles offer supreme stability and traction during lateral movements and high impact activity.

Men’s Flexion Collection

Our flexion collection line was introduced to the HYLETE nation in 2016 and is still our most popular men’s collection, offering flexion fabric that provides the foundation for the perfect to and from the gym lifestyle option. The line currently includes the flexion jacket, shorts, and jogger pant.

Women’s Iris Scallop Short

Our goal to continually innovate and push the limits of what we build for the HYLETE nation was showcased with the 2017 arrival of the women’s iris scallop short, featuring lightweight, double scalloped leg openings, textured 4-way stretch fabric, and a built-in breathable liner. Three new colorways of the iris scallop short will be shipping out in August 2018, all three fully backed in HYLETE project

“The whole Flexion line offer the best possible fit and feel for working out. They don’t grab or pull during a high intensity workout. The materials are excellent and very comfortable. I can’t say enough. Thank you Hylete!” – Darrin H.

“My favorite pair of workout shorts. I wear them for running, crossfit, lifting, or a causal store run.” – Casey N.

* Testimonials are examples from some of our clients and may not be representative of the experience of all customers. It is not a guarantee of performance and they have not been compensated.

Added Value

HYLETE Daily Circuit App

The HYLETE Daily Circuit training program is designed for a lifestyle of functional fitness that strives to maximize its effectiveness through a combination of endurance, strength, and cardio circuits while minimizing the time commitment required. The Daily Circuit app is currently free to download for iOS and Android devices for a limited time.

Since its launch in mid April 2017, the Daily Circuit app has over 22,000 downloads.

Meet The Founders

Ron Wilson

Co-Founder, CEO

Founded 180s, Kelysus, and Jaco Clothing. Grew 180s to over $50 million in sales; achieving a ranking of number 9 on Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year National Finalist and an SFIA “Top 25 Leaders in Sporting Goods”. Over 25 years in the fitness industry.

Matt Paulson

Co-Founder, Business Development

Founded Xtreme Sponge and former Director of Sales and Marketing for Jaco Clothing.

The Executive Team

Pete Dirksing

VP of Product

Former Director of Product at X-1 Audio and Jaco Clothing.

Jamie Wardlow

VP of Marketing

Former E-commerce Manager at Nixon Watches and Jaco Clothing.

Kate Nowlan

VP of HYLETE Experience

Former Co-Founder of GRACEDBYGRIT.

Scott Kennerly

VP of Technology & Operations

Former Director of Technology and E-Commerce at X-1 Audio.