We are pleased to announce our first quarter key highlights for 2018, as well as let everyone know our 2017 Audited Financials and Form 1-K are now available under the Financials tab.

2018 First Quarter Key Results:

  • March 2018 net revenue of $760.6k represents a 26.4% increase over March 2017 net revenue of $602.2k
  • 2018 first quarter net revenue of $2.459 million represents a 28.6% increase over 2017 first quarter net revenue of $1.913 million
  • 2018 first quarter EBITDA was ($385,000) versus budgeted EBITDA of ($396,000)
  • March closing balance sheet reflects $917k in cash and $2.2 million in net inventory (as a 3/31/18)
  • Reg A+ equity offering raise at $1,005,500 (as of 3/31/18)
  • Equity Offering ends JUNE 15th, 2018

Thanks for being the driving force of the HYLETE nation!

*Financial information is based on our unaudited operating data and is subject to change once we prepare our financial statements and our accountant completes an audit of those statements.