We are pleased to announce our August Financial Highlights as follows (unaudited):

  • August revenue of $644k, +39% to prior year and 6% ahead of budget.

  • August YTD revenue of $5.3 million, +36% to prior year and 4% ahead of budget.

  • TTM revenue of $8.3 million tracking towards $10.0 million sales target for FY 2017.

  • Gross profit and operating expenses within 3% of budget with EBITDA on plan for the year.

  • Closing August balance sheet reflects $0.8 million in cash and $1.5 million in net inventory.

We are also thrilled that, as of today, we have pre-sold over 1,800 pairs of the Circuit Cross-Training Shoe.   The investor pre-order price of $60 will be open until October 31st, 2017.  NOTE:  You will need to be logged in to your investor account to obtain your pre-order, investor pricing.

Thank you for your continued support!

*The unaudited financial information is preliminary and subject to potential adjustments.  Adjustments to this financial information may be identified when a review of historic financial statements has been completed in conjunction with our year-end audit, which could result in significant differences from this preliminary unaudited financial information.